Friday, July 15, 2011

A Thousand Words (Part 14: More Travels around Tanzania)

I really did take my teaching seriously, but when the school was on vacation I went on vacation too.
After Kilimanjaro I brought my parents back to my place, just so they could see where I lived and what it was like. We didn't stay long.
One of the places I took them was Pemba. Pemba is like Zanzibar, but less touristy. It also has the highest concentration of Al Qaeda in East Africa. Which is probably why it's less touristy.
I also took my parents to the Usamabara Mountains to admire the view and meet Aaron and Erin
I think they liked it
This is back in Arusha. I always found this sign hilarious because it's a scene of utter chaos, with the caption "Under Control"
This is a tea plantation next to the Amani Forest Reserve. Who knew tea could be so pretty? I sure didn't.


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